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Print Design Quick Start (302)

  • Class Highlights:
    • Making Design Decisions
    • Designing Page Layouts
    • Using Type Effectively
    • Enhancing Readability
    • Creating Impact
    • Maximizing Story-Telling Power
    • Using Color to Communicate

    “Effective design costs no more than ineffective design. Indeed, ineffective design costs more through wasted postage, production, and media dollars.”

    — Roger C. Parker

  • Class Description:

    Great content is not enough! With so much competing for readers’ attention, design becomes ever more important. To be successful you must understand how design is an integral part of the communications process. Learn how design attracts readers, gets them to start reading, and keeps them reading. This intensive class provides a framework for making the right design decisions. You will see what works and what doesn’t. You will learn how to design print that gets attention. You will understand how design subtleties influence your publication’s appeal and how it is read.

    This class is intended for anyone interested in quickly creating better-looking pages (and computer screens too). It covers the major elements of page design: to add visual impact to pages and increase readability, to use white space and typographic contrast, to eliminate visual distractions and misleading reader cues, and to establish and enhance a document’s image.

    “God is in the details” — Mies van der Rohe

    Making Design Decisions: Creating the best fit between message and reader.

    Page Layout: Designing the container. How text and graphics are placed on the page. Establishing how page elements repeat from page to page.

    Display Type: Choosing display type to enhance readability and guide readers. How display type establishes a document’s image.

    Body Type: Choosing the right typeface and size to maximize readability. How body copy decisions establish line, letter, word, and paragraph spacing.

    Visuals: Choose the right type of visual. How to best place visuals on the page. Maximizing story-telling power.

    Accents: Adding selective emphasis to text and visuals. Establishing the unique look of a publication.

    Color: Using color effectively to communicate, improve readability, and enhance a document’s image.

    This is not a computer class. It is a hands-on exploration of design with many examples of effective and ineffective use. Your hands will be on paper, not computers.

  • Platform: This class is for Mac and Windows computers
  • Class length: 2 days
  • Class cost: $895.00
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