We are a very short walk from several Metro lines.

  • • Red: Farragut North
  • • Blue: Farragut West
  • • Orange: Farragut West
  • • Silver: Farragut West
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Lots of nearby garage parking. Costs vary widely. Check your options on...




Lowest prices are usually on 17th Street NW.

Note: Garage entrance for for 1667 K St. NW is at 1051 17th Street NW and 1666 K St NW is at 925 17th St. NW.


Getting to TJP&A

1627 K St NW, Suite 5034, Washington DC 20006

street map of our location

We are on the 5th floor. After exiting the elevator turn left and walk to the end of the hallway. We are the first door after you turn the corner.