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Getting to Know CSS (112)

  • Class Highlights:
     • A Great Starter Class for Designers and Creatives
     • A Great Background Class for Savvy Managers

     • Write CSS Rules
     • Target Page Elements
     • Precisely Specify Typography
     • Use CSS to Position Page Elements
     • Create Rollover Interactions
     • Interactively Explore CSS with Element Inspector

  • Class Description:
    As the world moves from print-based to web and tablet media the skills designers must master are rapidly changing. Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) skills are essential for meeting a variety of design needs including web pages, online magazines, enhanced emails, e-books and tablet magazines.

    The key to formatting all these new media is using CSS to define typography and layout. CSS can also be used to create many interactive and animated features without the need for programming. Knowledge of CSS is essential for anyone who wants to build, maintain or manage the new web and tablet media.

    The basics of CSS are not hard to learn, but CSS is different from the style sheets designers use for print media. This introductory class is a good way to get started.

    This class covers basic CSS concepts and functions. You will learn how to write CSS rules to specify formatting and layout. Then apply CSS rules to target specific page elements. We will introduce you to CSS interactive features such as how to create “rollovers” that change appearance when hovered over with the mouse.

    Finally, you will learn how to to use Element Inspectors to “x-ray” web pages. This will reveal to you how page elements relate to CSS rules. You will learn to use the Inspector to tweak page formatting and instantly see the results appear on screen. This is a great way to build your CSS proficiency.

    Prerequisite: Understanding of HTML or our HTML Essentials class
  • Platform: This class is for Mac and Windows computers
  • Class length: 1 day
  • Class cost: $495.00
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